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Sometimes all you need in life is CHEESE!​

It all began with three great friends living abroad who shared a love of all things cheese. And I tell you what, at that time putting together a great charcuterie board in Bali was damn nearly impossible. And there was not one platter company on the island to be found. We all had these beautiful villas for entertaining but not one of us could piece together all of the quality ingredients it takes to pull off not only a visually pleasing but utterly delicious grazing table feast. It was right then over a bottle of bad Bali wine that Island Graze was born!

There was definitely a gap in the market (and some belly’s) that needed filling. So off we went, all over the island to source the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses, crackers, freshly baked bread and all things platter. Anything we couldn’t source to suit our needs we now make fresh to order. We have our own delicious homemade dips, chutney, dukkah and vegan 5 seed crackers. For us this is pure passion for all things food.

After years of trial and error we now have an incredible family of local suppliers and some super talented local platter specialists that turn all of these ingredients into spectacular edible works of table art!

We use all eco-friendly packaging for our platter boxes and eco-friendly products for our grazing tables. Where we can we will choose natural products over man made such as coconut, banana leaf and capsicum bowls. Our cutlery is also made of reusable eco bamboo. Our floating platters were also a new introduction to the island and have been a HUGE hit. ​

Featured in blog post by @wearetravelgirls and Virgin Australia’s in-flight magazine.It’s definitely no secret to anyone that we LOVE parties. Whether it’s for your wedding, hen’s party, sunset picnic,proposal, that special birthday, or simply ‘just because’ we’ve got you covered.In villa pool parties have become a huge part of any great Bali holiday. I mean why go out when we can bring EVERYTHING to you!Check out this great villa party we catered and then book your very own. What are you waiting for? If you want the ultimate relaxed (and soooper fun) Bali holiday.